Hi, my name is Fay Manners and I am the founder and CEO of the BadManners Conglomerate. I have a BSc degree in Information Science and six years experience in industry. I have worked for Unilever Plc in both London and New York headquarters. I also worked for DataSift, the only independent provider of real time and historic social data. With the exception of now hating Ben & Jerry's ice cream and being addicted to playing "Magic: The Gathering", this industry experience has been my pathway into data consultancy.

Fay is passionate and creative. She is one of the most charismatic and hardworking individuals I have met in the IT industry.

— Jason Phoenix, Director at Unilever

When I am not glued to my laptop I can be found in the mountains. I currently specialise in analysing and visualising social data and also backcountry snowboarding in the French Alps.